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HVAC Tips And Tricks For New Homeowners

HVAC Tips And Tricks For New Homeowners

Home sweet home!!!

Congratulations on moving into your new house on Long Island! No doubt, this has been an exciting time for you! But believe it or not, there’s still more to do! Paramount among those is HVAC maintenance!

Here are smart HVAC tips to help you glide smoothly into the joys and comfort of living in your new home.

Change your air filter regularly.

Part of responsible homeownership is checking (and replacing) your air filter regularly. A general rule of thumb is to change it every three months. However, if you rarely use your air conditioner, you might want to wait up to six months to replace the air filter. Aside from protecting your system from damage, replacing a clogged filter also rewards you with great savings on your operating costs.

Learn some ceiling fan hacks.

Ceiling fans are a great way to stay cool in the summer if you know the trick. During a hot summer day, let the fan blow straight down in a counter-clockwise direction. The slant of the blades pushes cool air down, creating an artificial breeze that cools you. When the cold weather sets in, run the fans in a clockwise direction it will push the warm air down.

Plant trees for HVAC savings.

Your outdoor units require a lot of TLC and planting trees around them. According to the Department of Energy, planting trees to shade your HVAC in the summer reduces indoor temperatures and the amount of heat absorbed through walls and roofs. See? Planting trees does not only make your dwelling beautiful! It also reduces your air conditioning costs.

Enroll in an annual service plan.

Do yourself a favor! Help your HVAC system give you a many years of use by signing up for an annual HVAC maintenance plan. A preventive maintenance program is the best way to keep costly and last-minute cooling and heating repairs at bay. It will also ensure that your system will last much longer.

With everything that’s involved in owning a new home, it’s easy for first-time home buyers like you to overlook the condition of your HVAC system. That’s why if HVAC maintenance is still a mystery to you, turn to our professionals at All Seasons Air Conditioning and we’ll help you make informed decisions.

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