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The best way to maintain your HVAC system is by scheduling regular maintenance with a qualified technician. This will help to ensure that all of the parts are working properly and that there is no build-up of dust or dirt inside the unit.

You can also help to keep your system running smoothly by changing the air filter on a regular basis. A clogged air filter can cause the unit to work harder than necessary, which can lead to decreased efficiency and increased energy costs. Also, keep the area around the HVAC unit clear of clutter.

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the frequency with which you should change your air filter will depend on a number of variables, including the type of air filter you are using, the size of your home, the number of people and pets in your household, and your geographic location. However, most experts recommend changing your air filter at least every 3 months – more often if you have pets or live in a dusty area. Some filters may need to be changed as frequently as every month. 

If you are unsure how often to change your specific type of air filter, consult the manufacturer’s recommendations or ask a professional HVAC contractor.

There are a few things that could cause your home to not cool or heat evenly. One possibility is that your HVAC system is not sized correctly for your home. If your system is too small, it will not be able to heat or cool your home adequately. Another possibility is that there is something blocking the airflow in your home. This can be caused by furniture, curtains, or even pets. Finally, it’s possible that your ductwork isn’t properly installed or sealed. If this is the case, you may need to have it repaired or replaced.

If you’re unsure what the cause of the problem might be, it’s best to consult with a professional HVAC technician who can help identify and fix the issue.

Creating Comfortable Commercial & Residential Spaces in Sag Harbor, NY & Surrounding Areas Since 1968

HVAC Services RoslynAll Seasons Air Conditioning is the one-stop shop for all heating and cooling services in Sag Harbor, NY and nearby areas. With our years of experience and unwavering commitment to quality services, you can rest assured that your family or business is in good hands.

Our highly-trained and certified technicians can handle all types of HVAC work, including the following:

Top-Quality HVAC Solutions Your Family Can Count On

HVAC Solutions RoslynChances are, you want the best for your family – and so do we. That’s why we offer top-quality HVAC solutions that you can depend on. We know your family’s comfort is important to you, and we’re here to help you keep them comfortable all year long.

Our team of experts is highly trained and experienced in various HVAC services, so you can rest assured knowing that your family is in good hands. We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • • Heating Installation
  • • Heating Repair
  • • Heating Maintenance
  • • A/C Installation
  • • A/C Repair
  • • A/C Maintenance

Dependable Heating & Cooling Services Your Business Can Trust

HVAC System RoslynWhen it comes to your business, you need a dependable heating and cooling partner you can trust. That’s why so many companies in the area rely on us for all of their HVAC needs. We’re proud to offer a wide range of heating and cooling services designed to keep your business comfortable year-round.

Whether you need a new air conditioner installed or your furnace repaired, we’re here to help. Our experienced HVAC technicians are trained to handle any type of commercial heating and cooling system. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to get your business back up and running at its best.

Talk To Our Experts Today! 

At All Seasons Air Conditioning, we always look forward to sharing our expertise with you. Our highly trained and experienced team is here to help you with any HVAC needs you may have.

Should you need more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today at (631) 694-1616. We will be more than happy to assist you further.


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The technician arrived on time and was very thorough. He observed all of the proper social distancing guidelines, which was greatly appreciated.

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Robert M.

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Sag Harbor, NY - Performed maintenance on one carrier split system in sag harbor
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Full a/c inspection one system

Near Sagg Rd, Sag Harbor, NY 11963
Sag Harbor, NY - Full a/c inspection one system