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Cost-Effective A/C Repair Services in Port Washington, NY

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When you’re a busy person, you may forget to take care of things. Take for example, your air conditioning system. You come home to find out that your cooling system has stopped working. We know how much it bothers you.

That’s why All Seasons Air Conditioning is here to provide all your cooling needs. We’ll see to it that your cooling system dilemma is resolved in no time.

Why is My Outdoor A/C Unit Not Working?

Before you call for repairs, there are a few things you should do.

Is your exterior air conditioning unit turned off? Perhaps the fan is running, but you’re not getting any cold air from your vents?

You can do a few things to get your cooling system back up and running before you call a residential A/C specialist near you. Be sure to check these things first.

Defective Contactors

What would happen if the light switch in your kitchen burned out? Either you’d have to cook in the dark, or you’d have to acquire a new switch.

The contactor in your outdoor unit functions similarly to a switch that turns on the air conditioner. If it fails, your air conditioner will not work. To replace the contactor, you’ll need to call an HVAC professional.

The Pressure Switch Has Been Tripped

You may have a tripped pressure switch if your air conditioner is low on refrigerant. When you don’t have enough refrigerant, the unit won’t switch on, and an HVAC technician will need to examine the system to figure out what’s wrong.

All you need maybe is a refrigerant recharge. If you have a leak, your technician may need to conduct a leak search. You may need to replace the system in some circumstances.

A Smoldering Disconnect Box

Isn’t there a box beside the outdoor unit? The disconnect box is what it’s called. The connections in there can fall loose at any point, causing the box to catch fire. It can potentially catch fire if a circuit breaker trips.

Malfunctioning Breaker

Circuit breakers can become overloaded and malfunction. You may have experienced this with less important circuit breakers, such as the one that powers your smoothie blender. However, it’s inconvenient when it comes to the one that powers your outdoor air conditioner.

If you only have a tripped (but not inoperable) circuit breaker, you can easily repair it. Check to see if your outdoor unit turns on after you’ve flipped it back into position. It’s possible. Don’t flick the switch a second time if the system comes back on, but the breaker trips again. A direct short in the system may exist, posing a safety risk

Turn Off All The Switches

Troubleshooting opportunities for homeowners: Check your interior and outdoor HVAC units’ disconnect switches. Perhaps your child threw a ball at the switch, or perhaps your obnoxious neighbor’s cat hopped up and turned it off.

Your outdoor unit will not turn on if the disconnect switch is turned off. You should be good to go after flipping the switch!

Problems With The Thermostat

Check the temperature on your thermostat. Replace the batteries if it isn’t displaying anything. Your air conditioner may switch on immediately away! The thing is necessary able to suffer

If it doesn’t work, your thermostat may be broken. You can either replace it yourself or have your HVAC technician inspect it before making a purchase.

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Air conditioning repair calls for an expert, not amateur and non-licensed technicians. Don’t risk your comfort and budget. Let specialists from All Seasons Air Conditioning handle your air conditioning dilemma. We’ll ensure that our solutions will get your system back up and running again in no time.

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