5 Ways We Can Help You With Your Spring Allergies

Ah, spring… that time of year when the earth wakes up from its long winter’s nap, and the trees start to bud and the flowers start to bloom. And, if you’re an allergy sufferer, it’s also the time of year when you have to deal with sniffling, sneezing and watery eyes! While we can’t do anything about the outdoor allergens that abound, we can help you keep your indoor air as healthy as possible.

Here are five products that can help keep indoor allergens to a minimum:

  • Air purifiers: The air inside your home is often circulated and re-circulated numerous times throughout the day. As a result, airborne pathogens are blown around and can cause problems for everyone, especially those with breathing or immune system concerns. Air purifiers help to remove pollutants like bacteria, pollen, animal dander and more – as small as 0.01 microns. That’s 18,000 times smaller than the head of a pin!
  • Ultraviolet (UV) air purification: Our top-quality ultraviolet air purifier will eliminate both mold and bacteria, as well as kill organisms that can grow in your home’s air conditioning system. By choosing a UV air purifier from us, your home will have improved air health, and your comfort system will have increased performance.
  • Filtration: You might not know this, but one of the simplest ways you can keep your air cleaner and fresher, and help your comfort system last longer, is by regularly replacing your dirty air filters. Air filters trap pollutants, allergens and other microscopic particles that can make the air inside your home unhealthy.
  • Air cleaners: Installing an air cleaner is a great choice if you have someone in your home who is sensitive to odors, chemical vapors, cooking fumes and other airborne contaminants. Our home air cleaners attach directly to your home’s comfort system, where they pull in the air and remove odors and vapors, and destroy any contaminants like pollen, pet dander, dirt, mites, bacteria, viruses and mold.
  • Fresh air ventilators: If you have allergy sufferers in your family, choosing air ventilation is a much better alternative for introducing fresh air into your home versus opening your windows. Fresh air ventilators also do a great job of reducing cooking and pet odors, and help rid your home of smoke and other pollutants.

You can breathe easy when you call All Seasons to help with your indoor air quality needs. We’re the comfort control people! Just give us a call at 631-694-1616 and we’ll help you find the right indoor air quality products for your home.