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10 Signs You Need a New Furnace

10 Signs You Need a New Furnace

If you own an old furnace, perhaps you’re already noticing some signs that it’s about to give up. Poor airflow, high heating bills, erratic operation, and many more issues can be experienced in your home. Repairing an old, malfunctioning furnace can’t even prevent those problems from coming back. So what would be the most practical solution? REPLACEMENT!

Your furnace may have passed its best days—and maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Check out these ten (10) signs you need a new furnace:

Frequent Repairs

Are you paying a huge cost for the same repair repeatedly? Then consider buying a new furnace! Your unit needs some upkeep to work in optimal condition. If it requires more than just wear-and-tear maintenance, then replace it. Buying a new unit may seem like a big investment upfront, but it can save you money in the long run.

Weak Airflow

If you notice a poor airflow coming out of your vent, then your furnace may have big problems with its motor. Depending on the age of your unit, replacement might be the best option, especially if the motor can’t be resolved by repairs. If the budget is an issue, then look for a financing service that can help you in the purchase.

Uneven Heat

Something is not right with your furnace if the heat in your home is not distributed properly. Each room should receive an equal amount of heat from the unit. If it is not the clogged duct or leaking window that causes this discomfort, then it is probably your heating system. An aging system tends to struggle to maintain the right balance of temperature, so replacing it might be the best option.

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Strange Noise

Your furnace typically creates some sounds when it is turned on and off. There are other noises, however, that are not part of the normal operation. The banging, clanging, and squealing sounds often indicate that your unit is about to give up. These annoying noises tend to get louder as the unit ages.

High Heating Costs

The rising energy bill is a clear indication that something wrong is going on with your furnace. It could foreshadow the need for a new, efficient unit. Analyze your monthly bills and look closely at the amount of energy used by your unit. If the bill continues to rise despite regular maintenance, then replace it with a more efficient one.

Erratic Operation

An old furnace that short cycles or turns on and off on its own constantly indicates a more serious problem. It probably tells you that it couldn’t do the job any longer. If that’s the case, then let it rest and go for a replacement.

Completely Inoperable

This is a clear indication that your furnace needs to be replaced right away. Paying someone to repair an old, dying unit will cost you money and time. Why not buy a modern and highly-efficient heating system from your trusted local HVAC company?


Rusts in your furnace is not a good sign. One possible reason why it appears is that the unit’s parts might have corroded. For safety reasons, you need to check the parts as they might indicate bigger problems, especially when the unit is new. For older units, however, rusts mean that the furnace is on its last leg and replacement is imminent.

Yellow Flame

As you check the unit for rusts, take it as an opportunity to check the color of the flame. A good working furnace has a blue flame. However, if your unit is producing yellow, it means that it is emitting poisonous carbon monoxide. Immediately leave your home and contact 911 and your trusted HVAC contractor to investigate the issue.

Excessive Dust

There’s more to your furnace unit than just heating your home. It also helps eliminate the airborne particles that can cause allergies and other health-related issues. So if you have noticed more dust lurking in your home, then your furnace isn’t doing its job well.

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While they can be telltale signs that you need a new furnace, it could also be possible that your unit only needs a regular tune-up. The best thing to do is to contact the HVAC pros so you can get the right solutions.

Whether your heating system needs repair or regular maintenance, we’re here to help. Our team at All Seasons Air Conditioning provides HVAC services all over the Long Island area. Contact us to set your appointment!

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